Sunday, April 29, 2012

so that would be me, this morning, and this would be a video of  my crazy dog:

this would be the puppy I had before (several years ago) -she was such a good 
girl that we got another of the same breed and they are nothing like each other
(that would be me on the harmonica -but I am so much better now that I'm
like oh my, that was a long time ago)

so OK where to begin, the date was a disaster obviously -it's like a running gag
now -He had a headache, he emailed me later though feeling better, but I was at
rally etc so we never did get together -but I had a good day so if he wants to
try again that's cool, but he's really got to be more serious about it if he tries
to set up a second date -considering how very patient I was this time.

A couple other guys have also emailed me about formal dates - pick me up,
take me some place nice, etc real dates to impress me, and I have to admit
it's kind of working, I mean I walk out of the house in my dress, get in a guy's
car, go to a nice resteraunt, seriously -it's kind of exciting and I don't want
to take advantage of someone and have them blow a couple hundred bucks
on me, but then again, I am pretty, genuinely a nice person, very intelligent, healthy
(other than being kind of fat), college educated, and really pretty sane -which
is rare in any woman, but especially transwomen (and stop laughing,
I am a very sane person -I just live a very weird life) -but I stop to think about
it and why wouldn't a nice guy looking for a nice transwoman be interested
in me?

So back to todays narrative - Church service was good, and I stopped 
downstairs and told several people about my bands gig next Sunday
then I'm walking back to my truck parked on the street a couple hundred
feet from the church, so I'm getting in the truck and and the guy parked
in the car behind me pulls up, I roll down the window, and we chat a bit
he asks where I'm going next, I'm just hanging out, you want to go hang
out at  Como Park, etc... so he get's in my truck and we're gonna go over 
to a park in St Paul.  Let me pause the story for a second -people at my 
church park on the street across from the church (where I park and where
he parked) and so I just assumed that because he was getting in his car
and pulling away, just as I was, that he'd been in church and was looking
for someone to chat with and spend some time with after church - that
was a really bad assumption - turns out he'd seen me walking to my truck
and was trying to, well proposition me  to have sex with him, and of course
I'm like I wouldn't have sex outside of a relationship and that got him
running from my truck faster than if I'd used tear gas on him

So I go over to the cafe, to talk about the gig on Sunday, and I tell this story to
a transwoman friend I know when I get there, and I'm laughing and
blushing as I tell the story,  anyways we were going to talk but a friend I'm 
kind of worried about called and we chatted for a good bit, then I go back
in and my friend at the cafe is leaving but she tells me about an event going
on in Burnsville ( to defeat the one man/one woman marriage bill) 
so I talk to someone about the gig, then wind up in Burnsville-
the event was pretty cool and and everyone was smiling and welcoming
and obviously I totally support the idea of same sex people being able to
marry, so I hooked up with someone there and I'm going to try and
get involved in that

then I was still trying to make the date happen (you remember the date 
that started this whole chain of events) so I wanted to meet at the 90's at 9
it was too late, how about the mall of america at 7? I never heard back
but I wanted to go so I went anyways and wound up in a store playing with
the toys and talking to a guy for about 45 minutes, then it was closing time,
so I went home 

So like I say my dating experience is a running gag now, but it really was kind of
a fun day, so I get home, video crazy dog, take off my dress and stuff and go back
in boy mode (which kind of sucks) write this block and next I'll walk my dog
and call it a night.

Seriously I am going to get dressed up and go on a date with a guy -
it is really going to happen, seriously,  this is getting absurd

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