Saturday, April 13, 2013

Hey - I can't believe this blog is still around - i haven't posted here in like a year,
but I'm looking for an old cycle of Poems I wrote (Drag #1 through drag #8) and it's on my computer somewhere but I can't find it -so I thought I'd try Trans Honey

I'm really very happy these days - I live and work as a woman -I'm very busy I'm starting a band , and
people really like my harmonica playing and no one seems to care that I'm trans - I do drag rarely in St Paul
but my band is a real band -we're payed to be musicians -I'm dating a very nice woman who's pretty amazing in a lot of ways - I have a certain admiration for her really - I am really, really busy these days -
but Im happy -it's weird waking up every day, putting on my make up and going about my life as a basically normal person :)   Stacy Wilderness