Thursday, December 1, 2016

SRS guide

I received an email the other day, asking that I post this Guide to Sexual Reassignment Surgery on this page, and rather than explain that I really didn't post anything on Trans Honey anymore, I figured I'd read it over, and it seemed worthwhile, I'd go ahead and post it. So I did, and it did, so here is a link to an SRS Guide, for those who want to read it.

otherwise, for what it's worth, about 50 people a day still visit this site (which strikes me as odd since it never changes.....). I'm doing OK.  I've legally changed my name and my gender marker and am going through some struggles, but I'm healthy and relatively sane, and I have a job and am in school again (finishing up in a couple weeks-yeah!!!!!!), so things are basically OK

I tell some folks the same advice I tell myself sometimes  "get to a place that's safe and stay there".  For some people that place includes surgery, and hopefully this is of some little help on your  journey to a safe place.