Sunday, February 19, 2012

I started making some hip pads (for drag -it makes you look full figured)
here's a you tube video
I want mine a little different ( as you can tell from the photo's)
and the room was such a mess yesterday as I was 3/4 done with just one
that I had to stop and clean up the room, but anyways here's some pictures
of my efforts and I have one more to go then sonme final trimming.
I should have them ready for Wednesday - so hip pads, butt frisbees
(but pads) a corsett -it should look pretty good

I don't wear hip pads or the corsett when I'm out in public - just for
drag- I do wear a girdle and pad the breasts from my natural a-cup
to a c-cup

so I did the routing ( put on a skirt, wernt to church, went to a coffee
house and played music with a new friend (who is straight and has
a fiancee) then for a change of pace, I went home grabbed the dog
and went to Lake Calhoun for a stroll in my jean skirt a nice suede
leather coat a purple top and black boots with 2.5: heels - the lake is
3 miles around so near the  end, me in my heels was getting a little
worn down,  but I passed probably a hundred people, and a couple
people talked about my dog (she's really cute) but nobody really
had anything to say about me (bit that's OK, I thought I looked cute)

so I'm doing a sober sunday -Im not on the wagon, I'm just backing things
down for a few days

I got "the letter" the other day
(yeah!!!!) and I reread it, but yeh, I'm going to
hold off for now - a lot of things are still new to me
like the idea that I can put on makeup and a wig
and walk around in public like it's no big deal
(because it isn't) so for now I'm still laying the
groundwork I think

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