Tuesday, May 1, 2012

OK this is my vaguely political post.
I really don't do this that often.........

[Note - starting June, 2012 I am entering a worker retraining program,
I will be presenting myself as a trans woman and entering the workforce
as a woman, or at least as person presenting myself as a woman (not
being on hormones I won't be changing my gender marker).  I decided to
start a new blog about my experience, and if you are interested in
reading my transition blog, here's the link:


otherwise I'll return you to the final post of Transformative Honeymoons: ]

OK this is my vaguely political post.

One year ago Osama Bin Laden was taken down, and I of course
did a caption, which is still pretty funny, I think so to I reposted that
as a counter balance to this bit of Obama political gamesmanship
to show the moderates that he's not a liberal, whatever....


“It was weak, it was shallow, it was unpersuasive,” said Almeida of White House 
arguments made against signing the order, 

No one really expects anything but idiocy from either party any more, 
but in America, things are OK if not great, and this is a way cool video
which is really a lot more of what the rest of America is like if you actually
 go out and try walking around in drag sometime -this is pretty cool, sorry
about the commercial at the start of it:


"This is America, mind your business" doesn't that seem a lot more patriotic than
the Obama message : I'm too chicken to support you, but you should support me

Anyways I'll get dressed up for therapy Friday but I'm not going to same day
post every time I dress up anymore -I won't be dressed Sunday because I got
the gig right after, next week sometime, I'll post. Until then,

Take Care


Postscript - I decided to cancel my appointment with my psychologist
I really can't afford it right now, and really it isn't helping with the
economic issues and the need to lose weight that are really my two
main concerns right now -it just doesn't fill a need any more -I have
made very many trans and gay friends, and when I want to talk there
are people I can call or go over and see or I can go to group, or go to
my gay church -I mean there are a lot of people I can turn to, and I just
really don't see the formal psychological approaches as being helpful in
real life where everyone who is trans is struggling and everyone who
is trans who is struggling is getting by by building a network of other
trans friends and supporters who can help you through and the
psychologists just seem really irrelevant to this survival process
(when I find a job I'll resume therapy, but right now I can't afford
it and don't see it as essential -the social network you build is essential
to your survival as a trans person)

this blog was fun. but really, I'm moving on, I may start a transitioning
blog at some point but right now I need to focus on finding a job that
will permit me to dress as a woman in my private life, and in losing
another 50 pounds  and you all really don't  want to hear about my
job hunt and struggle to lose weight so this is my final post
at Transformative Honeymoons.

Stacy Wilderness

Post Blog Log

May 9th -Job Fair and walked 3mi around a lake

****May 9th 2012 -the President of the USA publicly
        supports same-sex marriage -very Presidential! *****

May 11th -first interview for training program -went dressed up to
              to an interview for the first time and it went extremely well

May 13th -went to church and played an outdoor gig in boy mode,
                a transwoman ex-pastor gave an amazing sermon, gig went
                well - went home changed into my gold dress and went to see
                the Amen Corner at the Guthrie with a transwoman friend

May 14th -scheduled 2nd interview for training program tomorrow also
                set up another interview for Wednesday, but if this comes thru
                 even though it's unpaid training, because I'll be going dressed as
                 a woman, I'll cancel the interview for the paid position that I'd
                 have to work dressed as a man
                 deleted the phone number of the guy I went on the date with,
                  he never asked me out on a second date -oh well, with the interview
                  I would have rescheduled anyways -one little kiss (sigh)

May 15th -I put on my makeup and my favorite skirt and drove to the facility
                 and signed the forms,  so I'm in the program -I'm not sure what
                 bathroom I'll use, but they know I'm going dressed as a woman
                 -it starts at the end of  the month for the first 60hr segment, so I
                  called and cancelled the interview for the sales job that I'd have to
                  move and would never be able to transition on -the lady on the
                 phone probably thought I was crazy when I said why!
                 seriously moving being alone starting over hiding again -it would
                 be so unbelievably difficult to go through all that right now
                 regardless of whatever the pay was -it would be so, so difficult
                 I'm setting up an appointment with my psychiatrist, just to
                 make sure I'm not crazy (well obviously I'm crazy, but you know
                 what I mean) and I'll go out with a trans woman friend to a
                 blues bar and play my harp, assuming she's up to going out

May 16th - dressed up for group

May 17th -Sold two junker cars so I have a little cash for a change -took my
                  dog to the vet for her spaying , mowed the lawn, two beers and
                  I was out like a light.  A decent day for being in boy mode all day

May 18th - in boy mode again - my dogs surgery went well, I'm not planning on
                  dressing up and going out -but I am going to send an email to everyone
                   in my band today telling them that I will be attending classes as a

I am starting a new blog called "Who's the new girl?"
here's the link if you are interested

It seemed like a really good point to put this blog to an end,
and I will no longer be posting material here so this is
the end of Transformative Honeymoons, and in a few days my
real life experience begins.

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